Golden Touch Handling

Trudy Golden-Akins

9108 Centennial Road

Jacksonville, AR 72076

Phone 501-944-6975 ID#1408


Handling fee........$ 75.00 *****Ring Side Pick Up $85.00

Specialty Show....$ 95.00

National Specialties/Westminster/Eukanuba..........$400.00**includes grooming charge

Bonuses ****** Board ****** Misc. Fees

Best In Show $500.00 ***** Small...$10.00 **** Airport P/U.....$50.00

Group I $100.00 ***** Medium..$12.00 **** Breeding Fee...$100.00

Group II $75.00 ***** Large...$15.00 **** Returned Ck fee.$35.00

Group III $50.00 *** X Large...$20.00 **** Grooming fee..$50.00 and UP

Group IV $50.00

When carrying dogs with me, the following will apply

Board.........See above

Mileage......Round trip at .30 per mile

Hotel..........Pro-rated Split between clients

Weekly grooming included in the board rate with the exception of dogs not being shown which will be charged a fee of $50.00 per week extra.

Clients are responsible for all entry fees and Vet. Bills on their dogs.

I request that you give me credit card number for entries only, so that I can enter your dog for you. Information will be kept in a secure place.

All dogs shown personally except due to circumstances beyond my control at which time another competent handler will replace me.


A current shot record and negative fecal exam is required on all incoming dogs. All dogs must be on heartworm preventative and will be charged accordingly. A copy of the rabies certificate must be supplied.

No dog will be released until all fees have been paid in full. Retainer in advance is applied to the final statement. All Clients are required to fill out and sign the attached Handler/Client contract.

Handler will make every attempt to personally present each dog, however in the event a conflict arises beyond handlerís control, a competent person of handlerís choice will present the dog. All fees still apply.

All veterinary and routine care expenses will be the responsibility of the owner. Authorization of the owner will be sought for in all situations other than an emergency.

Payment in full due by the tenth of each month, awards, other than ribbons and marked tear sheets will accompany monthly bill unless other arrangements are made. All animals are boarded, handled or cared for by Trudy Golden without liability for loss, damage from disease, death, escape, theft, of fire, due diligence having been exercised. Any litigation concerning this contract, or damages for its breach shall be dealt with in Pulaski County, Arkansas.